Stukje bij beetje sterft het vrije internet…

Een familieportret

Berucht is Facebook, maar wat dacht u hiervan? Ik reproduceer de berichten over het deleten van een account op Tumblr maar integraal voor alle duidelijkheid.

ArchAtlas is gone. The account has been terminated by tumblr.

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NOOOO, this will not be allowed to happen.

Tumblr has a dumb policy of not informing you before they delete your account. Our blog was almost deleted, too! This can’t happen Tumblr!

ARCHATLAS is still down and Tumblr has no response so we are still sharing this post, and will continue to share until the issue is resolved. Many other users have had their accounts deleted with NO PRIOR NOTIFICATION.
Automatically deleting the blogs of content curators that made your $1.1B acquisition by Yahoo! possible is incredibly short sighted it seems. Tumblr has already removed the discovery power of the Tumblr editors, and now they seem to be chopping off the hand that feeds them. Maybe some discussion about this policy might be in order?
Please tumblr may we have a response to yet another shutdown of a very well respected and followed blog that has taken years to build up and a lot of hard work, and helped to make tumblr the power that it is for artists,creators and art lovers worldwide.

Thanks for the outpouring of love, it helps to soothe the wound.

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Roberto (ARCHATLAS) is an Architect, an educator to countless students on tumblr, a fine curator who always cites all sources and immediately responds to requests to take a post down, and friend. Certainly this must be worth a reconsideration.
-sam (pixandum)

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