Las Vegas

· fascisme, justitie, racisme


Jur Kuipers:

“We prefer catastrophe”
The Washington Post – mooi stuk van cartoonist Tom Tholes
Ik heb er geen woord aan toe te voegen…
Behalve… triest, – diep triest.


We prefer catastrophe

This was the worst _______ in U.S. history. You can fill in the blank with almost anything now.

The worst mass shooting, the worst hurricane damage, the worst governing. The carnage is Las Vegas is heartbreaking. The devastation in Puerto Rico is unimaginable. The abdication by your elected officials from doing anything to prevent the next, even-worse calamity is breathtaking. 

And as citizens, our failure to insist on better is our failure to use our democracy.

Lees hier verder.

What you need to know about the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

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At least 59 killed in Las Vegas shooting rampage, more than 500 others injured

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