Een anti-fascistisch manifest

Larry Snider: Girl with Baby – Perú (2008)

Een idee, puur en in alle eenvoud in de wereld gezet, kan besmeurd en vertrapt worden, maar het blijft onder ons.


Berthold Bartosch – L’Idée


Berthold Bartosch – Frans Masereel – Arthur Honneger (1932)




Men live and die for an idea, but the idea is immortal;
we can prosecute it,
we can judge it,
we can ban it,
we can condemn it to death.
But the idea lives on in the minds of men.
It is everywhere where misery and struggle exist side by side.
It arises sometimes here, sometimes there, it continues its way through the centuries.
Injustice trembles before her.
To the oppressed it points the way to a better future
The one in whom it penetrates no longer feels isolated.
Because above all is the idea.


Translation: @luketheflug



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