Het is een grote samenzwering…

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Een bericht van Jur Kuipers







“Ik kan NIET GELOVEN dat vliegtuigen kunnen vliegen,- tóch ZIE ik ze vliegen!”~
…zei een mevrouw een paar jaar geleden tegen mij…
 Neil Armstrong liet zich overtuigen…
 Het was allemaal een illusie.
 Wat hij dacht meegemaakt te hebben bleek een hoax…
 In 1969 was hij – zonder dat hij het zelf wist – deel van de grootste samenzwering ooit…
link (voor het geval onderstaande niet leesbaar is)

Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked

OHIO—Apollo 11 mission commander and famed astronaut Neil Armstrong
shocked reporters at a press conference Monday, announcing he had been
convinced that his historic first step on the moon was part of an
elaborate hoax orchestrated by the United States government.
to Armstrong, he was forced to reconsider every single detail of the
monumental journey after watching a few persuasive YouTube videos, and
reading several blog posts on conspiracy theorist Ralph Coleman’s
website, OmissionControl.org
“It only took a few hastily written paragraphs published by this passionate
denier of mankind’s so-called ‘greatest technological achievement’ for
me to realize I had been living a lie, ” said a visibly emotional
Armstrong, addressing reporters at his home. “It has become painfully
clear to me that on July 20, 1969, the Lunar Module under the control of
my crew did not in fact travel 250,000 miles over eight days, touch
down on the moon, and perform various experiments, ushering in a new era
for humanity. Instead, the entire thing was filmed on a soundstage,
most likely in New Mexico.”
“This is the only logical interpretation of the numerous inconsistencies in the grainy, 40-year-old footage,” Armstrong added.


Amstrong was swayed by OmissionControl’s use of bolding and capital letters to highlight NASA’s many blatant fallacies.



Although Armstrong said he “could have sworn” he felt the effects of zero
gravity while soaring out of the Earth’s atmosphere and through space,
he now believed his memory must be flawed. He also admitted feeling
“ashamed” that he had failed to notice the rippling of the American flag
he and Buzz Aldrin planted on the surface, blaming his lack of
awareness on the bulkiness of the spacesuit and his excitement about
traveling to the “moon.”
“That rippling is not possible in the vacuum of space,” Armstrong said. “It
must have been the wind from an air-conditioning duct that I didn’t
recognize because you can’t hear a damn thing inside those helmets.”
“This is all just common sense, people,” he added. “It’s the moon. You can’t land on the moon.”
In a symbolic display of his newfound skepticism, Armstrong then grabbed a
collection of moon rocks he had kept as souvenirs and dramatically
dumped them into a trash can.
One of the main arguments posited on Coleman’s website—that America could
not, in 1969, have realistically possessed the technological
capabilities needed to put a man on the moon—was reportedly one of the
first things to cause the legendary astronaut a pang of doubt. Despite
having spent thousands of hours training for the historic mission under
the guidance of the world’s top scientists, technicians, and pilots,
Armstrong said he knew the conspiracy theories were true after learning
that website author Coleman was “quite the engineering buff.”
“Yes, at the time I thought those thousands of NASA employees were working
round the clock for the same incredible goal, but if anyone would know
what was really going on, it would be Ralph Coleman,” Armstrong said of
the 31-year-old part-time librarian’s assistant. “He knows a lot more
about faked moon landings than I ever could. He’s been researching the
subject on the Internet for years.”
“Literally years,” he added.
Addressing another inconsistency brought to light by OmissionControl, Armstrong
explained he was probably so focused on piloting the lunar module that
he failed to notice that one of the moon rocks visible in footage of the
landing appears to have the letter ‘C’ stamped on it. An emotional
Armstrong said that the only possible explanation for this detail was
that the rock actually came from NASA’s prop department.
“They forgot to turn it over,” Armstrong said, removing his eyeglasses to
wipe away tears. “Those lying bastards at NASA went through all the
trouble to fake the moon landing, but they forgot to turn over one
little prop rock. And now the whole damn thing’s blowing up in their
Although Armstrong initially questioned why the U.S. would attempt such an
elaborate cover-up, he cited one overarching explanation provided by
Coleman: that it was a ploy to defeat the Soviet Union and fulfill the
Illuminati’s plan to unify the world’s banks and control the
dissemination of information.
“Just ask Ralph Coleman,” Armstrong said. “He’ll answer any questions you have.”
To conclude the press conference, Armstrong showed reporters footage of
his first steps on the moon to demonstrate that the most daming evidence
was “right under our noses.” Speeding up the tape and replaying the
graceful moonwalk several times in a row, Armstrong explained that the
iconic images of humanity’s triumphant dance with the cosmos was
actually just a film of him walking backwards, slowed down, and played
in reverse.
“What other explanation could there be?” Armstrong asked. “It’s all right
here. Everything is all right here if you’d just open your damn eyes and
Added Armstrong, “I suppose it really was one small step for man, one giant lie for mankind.”


Via de wetenschapsblog van  Ed Yong, Not Exactly Rocket Science, een favoriet van mij.
Voor wie op een luchtige wijze goed geïnformeerd wil worden over het nieuws uit het Wetenschappelijk Domein.
Leve The Onion!

Voor wie ervan overtuigd is dat er GEEN Mensen op de Maan zijn geweest:


Voor wie er dan nòg niet aan wil…
Cognitieve Dissonantie: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitieve_dissonantie

De Aarde is plat en de Maan een platte schijf.

We laten ons besodemieteren!
Hier de bewijzen: Welcome to the Flat Earth Society!

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….had ik 9/11 al genoemd ? ->  krijg  About 441,000,000 results (0.21 seconds)  op Google

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