Nog een stem uit de Oekraïne

The US-Mexico border in Cochise County near Sierra Vista, Arizona, on February 16, 2023.
Democrats hate brown people and brown people love them anyway.
Biden administration embraces tough border measures it once rejected.

De ene grens is de andere niet. Bepaald worden ze door de machtigen, volkeren hebben zich erbij neer te leggen. Ook dat is in de Oekraïne nadrukkelijk het geval. Stel je eens voor dat alle volkeren in Oost Europa , maar ook in de rest, hun claims op een eigen grondgebied konden doorzetten. Zweden bijvoorbeeld, zou dan ogenblikkelijk gehalveerd worden, dat staat vast. Zouden we beter afzijn? Dat hangt af van de politieke constellatie die dan zal heersen of geschapen moet worden in Europa. Een Europa van regio’s is een wenselijke mogelijkheid. Onder de paraplu van de NAVO is deze echter bij voorbaat uitgesloten.
Over autonomie en democratie gesproken. Hoeven we ons niet af te vragen waarom stemmen in de Oekraïne tot zwijgen zijn gebracht, waarom alle media gelijkgeschakeld zijn of verboden?



Maxim Goldarb

Like many millions of Ukrainians, a year ago I woke up to the sound of explosions in Kyiv. I tried my best to drive away the idea of the possibility of war, based on all the benefits and disadvantages for its participants, but what happened happened.

The following is short:

This year has completely exposed the aspirations, desires, reasons, roles, tasks, motives of each of those involved.

  1. The United States of America, with the help of the burning Ukraine, is dealing with Russia, partly with China, is driving Europe into the role of a submissive satellite, and is trying to regain the position of world hegemon.
  2. Europe, no matter how it resisted, was drawn into the conflict up to its chest (for now). In the end it will be one of the main victims, some part of its elite amd leaders understands this and is trying to fight off the US desire to sacrifice its ally (nothing personal, just business).
  3. Russia opposes the West, trying to create another pole of world influence, drawing China into the ranks of its outspoken allies and uniting Asia and Africa and other countries around itself, which are tired of Western hegemony and diktat.
  4. China skillfully waits, carefully studying the situation and the actions of the others, while not forgetting to stock up as much as possible on Russian resources that have become cheaper as a result of all events. He will slowly come into play and is definitely not on the side of the United States – the number of options for it decreases over time.
  5. I won’t talk about Poland, the Baltic states and other obvious American satellites – they will do what Americans say them to do. Although they have their own, historical views of Ukrainian resources.
  6. Ukraine… in the eyes and minds of all the participants, it no longer exists, no matter which one of them officially declares: “we will join, we will take, we will give, investments, we will help, to the end, we are with you, you are with us” and so on.

This became clear immediately after the United States thwarted attempts at peace talks, and an incredible amount of gasoline began to be added to the fire. If someone thinks that in order to put out a burning house, he needs to be doused with gasoline, then he is just an idiot. Or a liar. Our country needs to solve all of the above points. It was chosen as a victim long before 2022: the official beginning of the sacrifice is the “victory” of the American protege Yushchenko in the presidential elections of 2004-2005.

What is the country’s leadership, which actually loves and protects it, and does not portray such love for a video picture of world TV channels, obliged to do? Everything to immediately stop the war, sit down at the negotiating table. All these hoarse exclamations, cries of an early victory and the seizure and return of territories in today’s realities are only to force their people to fight further. Until the last…

I believe in the foreign figures for Ukrainian casualties: von der Leyen’s reported 200,000, the US media’s 350,000. This was a few months before the New Year. Further – there will be more in progression. This is evidenced by the unfulfilled, not completed points 1-5 of this article.

I understand that now paid propagandists, experts, “opinion leaders” will turn on and ostracize me once again: “this is unpatriotic, this is against the president’s policy” and so on.

But for me, patriotism is the desire and actions aimed at preserving and developing one’s country and its people. And not at all a blind, or (even worse) a consciously paid desire to lead the country and people, first of all, ordinary people, the working class, to the slaughter.


Maxim Goldarb
Chairman of the Union of Left Forces – “For a new socialism”

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