Ter informatie, vorm uw mening


Vaak is het jammer dat je niet voldoende tijd hebt om werkelijk zinnige informatie meteen door te spitten. Propagandisten hebben het heel wat makkelijker, zij reproduceren eindeloos desinformatie en verdraaide feiten en regelrecht bedrog eindeloos. Weerleg je het een dan doemt meteen een ander op met een variant. 

Propagandisten controleren niet op het waarheidsgehalte maar op het bevestigen van hun standpunt en vooroordeel. Afgelopen weken heb ik dat weer bij enkelen kunnen constateren waarop ik gereageerd had. Er komt nog een bericht over.

Bestuderen van ingewikkelde kwesties vergt tijd, ze toetsen aan feiten hoort hiertoe. Onderstaande blogberichten moet ik nog doornemen, maar ze bevatten in ieder geval een schat aan informatie en doen aan opinievorming, iets dat bij propaganda van de Wilders aanhang ten ene male ontbreekt. Ik zou zo zeggen, neem er notitie van en volg het verzoek van Ben Huberman op: share…

Met de bovenstaande uitspraak van Breivik is Wilders ongetwijfeld het voor de volle 100 procent eens.

Unmasking ISIS

Asshole Terrorist - DAP

Where did ISIS come from? How was it able to gain land, arms and money so quickly?
This book will answer those questions … and unmask ISIS.
Part 1 shows that the U.S. – through bad policies and stupid choices – is largely responsible for the rise of ISIS.
Part 2 reveals the strange history of the leaders of ISIS … Including one who never really existed, and another who – if you read mainstream media drivel – was killed … then arrested … and then killed again.
Part 3 delves into the little-known, secret history of Iraq and Syria … and discusses the real motivations behind our current policies towards those countries.
And Part 4 reveals the shocking truth about who is really supporting  ISIS.
So grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to learn the real story.

On the Run:

Blogging the European Refugee Crisis

by Ben Huberman

People all over the world were horrified last week when they saw the picture of a dead Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi, being picked up from the beach in Turkey. His family’s attempt to escape the brutal civil war in their country had ended in tragedy.

From Calais to Kos to Lampedusa, the blogging community has been following the refugee crisis in Europe — as well as the conflicts that feed it — as it rapidly escalated over the past two years, and especially this past summer. Here are some of the most powerful voices we’ve come across weighing in on this massive humanitarian disaster.

A Letter from One Mother to Another

In a post full of tragic irony, a writer contrasts the plight of a refugee mother with the sanctimonious complaints of a mother who’s safe at home with her kids…

A Dispatch from a Syrian Refugee Camp

Lionel Beehner visited the Zaatari refugee camp, in Jordan, back in 2013. He described the chaotic scene he’d encountered there in vivid detail, and his dispatch is even more haunting today, seeing that the plight of Syrian refugees has grown dramatically worse in the past two years.

Photo by Lionel Beehner.

Photo by Lionel Beehner.

Heading Off into the Refugee Tragedy in the Med

Ali Criado-Perez is a registered nurse who has worked with Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders since 2007. She recently took off for a rescue mission in Malta, one of the Mediterranean islands that sees the highest numbers of refugee boats off its shores.

Quartz: Borders

Quartz, an online business magazine, has put the spotlight on the refugee crisis in itsBorders “Obsession” (a collection of related stories). It’s a place where interested readers can find the latest coverage of the news, including some of the more offbeat stories that might get buried in more traditional media outlets — like this one, on an Egyptian billionaire who proposed to buy a Mediterranean island on which to welcome refugees.

Writers for Calais Refugees

Moved by horrific scenes of chaos and dispair in the French coastal town of Calais — a gateway to Britain — a group of writers joined forces to share their poems in solidarity with asylum seekers. Here is an excerpt from Nina Simon’s poem, “Refuge”

On Encouragement

In Sweden, British expat Helen Jones makes the case for the #refugeeswelcome movement, calling on Europeans to educate themselves on the causes behind the influx of refugees into the continent, and to find practical solutions to lessen the suffering of those who keep arriving.

Calais Migrant Solidarity

Temporary refugee housing in Calais, 2014 (Photo by Gustav Pursche / Calais Migrant Solidarity)

Makeshift refugee housing in Calais, 2014
(Photo by Gustav Pursche / Calais Migrant Solidarity)

This site is run by activists who support the cause of refugees in Calais. It’s used, among other things, to document the hardships suffered by those still stuck in the no man’s land that the city’s refugee camps have become, including their mistreatment by local officials and police.

Calais: In the Warm Embrace

Europe is itself made of transplants, migrants, and refugees — this is a point powerfully made by scholar and writer Claire Squires in her essay, where she recounts the history of her family (her mother’s side had settled in France to escape political turmoil in Algeria), as well as her childhood memories from visits to Calais, currently one of the epicenters of Europe’s refugee crisis.

Escape to Freedom: Bringing a Syrian Family to Safety

Russell Chapman, a freelance photographer and writer, recently helped a family of Syrian refugees to safety, accompanying them from Greece through Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary into Western Europe. Read his post for an unfiltered, ground-level account of the harrowing trip through Europe’s eastern refugee corridor.

If you’ve read a powerful take on the crisis by another blogger, please share it with us in a comment.


Des enfants syriens photographient leur quotidien de réfugiés dans des camps au Liban

L’objectif de ce projet, créé en partenariat avec l’Unicef, est de permettre aux enfants réfugiés “d’exprimer leurs aspirations et surmonter progressivement leurs peurs”.

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