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Venture Capital Vegan “Meat” Is Capitalism’s Newest Greenwashing Scam


Jared A. Brock

“Can you help us slaughter some Christmas turkeys?”

I gulped. My wife and I were staying with our farmer friends on Vancouver Island and it was time to get my hands dirty.

Sure, I’d done much of the cooking during our week on the farm — including soufflés and ice cream from scratch — and even clipped lettuce and picked veg from the greenhouse, but I’d never killed an animal before.

But since I was a meat-eater, I figured I should probably give it a go.

For the rest of the evening, we butchered turkeys in the barn, bleeding them out, plucking off the feathers, pulling out the guts.

It was certainly far less painful than nature, where foxes shred wild turkeys to bits, where crocodile death-roll wildebeests and cheetahs tear the tendons of antelope so they can eat them slowly.

But I didn’t eat meat for the next six months.

The return to natural meat

After half a year of being a vegetarian, I started eating meat again.

I’d come to terms with the fact that homo sapiens have been sustainably eating meat since time immemorial, and when done in the right way, eating meat is not only healthy, but it will keep you alive the longest.

Plus, it’s extremely beneficial for the planet.

Recently, however, I’ve been noticing a lot more meat-shaming.
49% of Gen Z teens are now too ashamed to drink milk in public.
Cities are undemocratically pushing their citizens into vegan lifestyles.
New Zealand is trying to tax meat out of existence.

When I mention these things online, vegans lose their minds. (Honestly, sometimes they’re just as bad as the MAGA crowd.)

Then a few months ago, one of the teens in my Sunday school class decided to become a vegan.

It’s especially annoying because I love to cook, she is our son’s babysitter, and vegans are the pickiest people in the world.

They’re also going to destroy the planet.

“Cows use too much water.”

No, they don’t.

Sure, they drink a ton of water, but so what? It’s mostly rainwater, the earth has a nearly unlimited supply of water, and a pound of beef requires less groundwater than a pound of avocados or walnuts.

Think about it: A cow doesn’t just drink and drink and drink and make that water disappear forever. That’s stupid. They turn a small fraction of it into bones and muscles and blood, and most of it just goes back into the earth.

In fact, cows turn water into ammonia-rich urine and poop that’s filled with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to fertilize the earth. (Thanks cows!)

Meanwhile, to feed our wildly-overpopulated planet, a dude who helped the Nazis invented the Haber-Bosch process, an artificial way of fixing nitrogen into the soil with horrific long-term consequences for the planet and especially for rivers.

That’s the genius vegan solution here?
Use a harmful chemical process to produce more vegetables?
The plan is to “save water”… by poisoning water?


Do you know who also uses a ton of water?

Human beings.

In fact, humans use way more water per person per day compared to cows. Americans use 82 gallons per day, whereas cows use less than a third.

But no one is complaining that homo sapiens are hoarding water because we also breathe, sweat, and urinate most of it out.

In fact, scientists are now suggesting we need to start “Peecycling”:

“It might sound weird, but people have been nourishing crops with human urine for centuries. Why? We ingest nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, then excrete them. Plants need them.

Human urine could replace synthetic fertilizers. It’s less of a pollutant and typically cheaper than chemical fertilizer. Plus, collecting urine means not flushing it, thus not polluting watersheds and saving water.

The war in Ukraine and associated sanctions have also caused supply chain issues for farmers. Russia exports ~20% of the world’s nitrogen fertilizers and, combined with Belarus, 40% of the world’s exported potassium.

Human pee could replace 25% of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers worldwide.”

Or, you know, we could just keep letting cows do it for us…

“Cows emit far too much greenhouse gas.”

No, they don’t.

Ruminants have always emitted small amounts of natural gases, so if something has changed, it’s not the cows’ fault:

Image credit

See that blue line at the bottom? That’s agriculture. Everything else is the real problem here.

In America, agriculture makes up just 10% of greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s a bit more on the global scale:

Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector
Source: EPA

But only until you read the fine print:

Source: EPA

So, animals are responsible for somewhere in the ballpark of 19.2% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Even without any of the offsets we should be aggressively pursuing — returning to natural meat production, re-foresting monocropped land, and regenerative agriculture that restores entire ecosystems — it’s still less than a fifth of the total emissions.

In other words: The overwhelming majority of greenhouse gases are caused by not-cows.

Plus, animals aren’t farting nitrous oxide, CFCs, and all the other lethal poisons that we should be really worried about.

Just take a look at the leading emitter of each greenhouse gas:


Notice what’s not the leading source for any single greenhouse gas?


Yes, corporatist-monopolist factory farming is horrible and needs to be banned immediately, but regenerative agriculture is literally saving the planet.

Ruminants aren’t the ultimate problem — humans are. It’s not the cow, it’s the how. We need to get back to carbon-negative, soil-positive, natural, sustainable, family-farmed meat protein production.

Image credit


So who is actually the biggest polluter?

The data is extremely clear:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector – 2016
Image credit

It’s the fossil fuel companies, as always.

Yet vegans would rather have us all stop eating meat.


Why not go after the unnatural sources of greenhouse gas instead of the one natural source that’s been sustaining our species for thousands of years?

Imagine if there was a forest with 1,000 pine trees. Then someone planted 4,000 fake Christmas trees made of poisonous plastic. Then some “progressives” came along and say, “Hey, all these fake pine trees are ruining the forest. We should cut down the real trees.”

You can see how nonsensical this is.

You can also see how hypocritical this is. Vegans love to rage against the meat machine, but I bet almost all of them drive cars, have fridges, bicycle on cement and live in houses with cement basements, use electricity, and live indoors.

Cows don’t create pollution. Humans do.

The truth about for-profit veganism

So if naturally-farmed cows are great for meat… and soil… and water… and human health and longevity… what the heck is actually going on here?

Cicero and the Romans asked a good question:

“Cui bono?”

Who profits?

Who profits from destroying the proven, sustainable, natural ecosystem in favor of factory-manufactured fake food?

There are two leading contenders:

1. Today’s polluters

Banning meat isn’t about “saving the planet” — it’s all about allowing the bona fide climate criminals to continue to pollute for a profit.

The fossil fuel industry is responsible for nearly 80% of greenhouse gas emissions — and nearly 100% of unnatural greenhouse gas emissions — but putting the blame on meat-eaters is a convenient way to buy them time so they can continue to poison us into oblivion for short-term profits.

2. Tomorrow’s “food” manufacturers

If you follow the money, you soon realize that all this meat-shaming (including most of the popular anti-meat documentaries) is actually just another corporate ruse to manufacture a market for highly-profitable vegan products:


This is the man who presumes to tell the world what to eat.

We need to trust nature again, not “the market.”

All this false food is and will lead to further systemic malnutrition — which is, of course, perfectly acceptable to private medicine, Big Pharma, and the politicians they sponsor. Veganism just means more money for the rich.

Do we really want this vegan guy —an elite billionaire will massive conflicts of interest who emits 107X more carbon emissions than the average person — setting global food policy?
Sadly, the truth quickly becomes clear when you follow the money:

Venture capitalists are using “save the planet veganism” as a Trojan horse for replacing the meat industry with highly-profitable factory foodTM.

The global goal is a new protein monopoly.

I’ll end on a personal note

When my wife and I go shopping with our newly veganized friend, we spend a lot of time in the ever-metastasizing vegan “food” section, and honestly, my concern is growing daily.

The “foods” this teen girl eats frankly aren’t food, and I’m seriously concerned for her development and long-term health.

They’re unsustainable, plastic-packaged, planet-killing, factory-produced, water-poisoning, anti-soil, highly-profitable engineered foodstuffs that are part of the growing global allergy spike and will almost certainly be the death of natural meat and soil production.

Homo sapien bodies and the planet simply aren’t adapted for engineered foodTM. We need to decrease the human population, revert to natural meat production to save our health and the planet, and unwind venture capital veganism.

As Lauren In the Wild put it:

“The fact that there are ZERO indigenous groups on the planet, past or present, who adhere to a vegan diet tells me that veganism is a modern sociopolitical movement based on the first world privileges of industrial agricultural and access to grocery stores. I’ll die on this hill.”

Meanwhile, my wife and I buy our sustainable beef directly from the multi-generational family farm beside my wife’s office — which is grass-fed on commons land that has been sustainably feeding humans for more than 5,000 years.

If people have a problem with this, it’s because there are too many unthinking humans, not too many planet-sustaining cows.

23 juni 2022



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Jared A. Brock is an award-winning biographer, PBS documentarian, and the cell-free founder of the popular futurist blog Surviving Tomorrow, where he provides thoughtful people with contrarian perspectives on the corporatist anti-culture. His writing has appeared in Esquire, The Guardian, Smithsonian, USA Today, and TIME Magazine, and he has traveled to more than forty countries including North Korea. Join 21,000+ people who follow him on Medium, Twitter, and Substack.

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