Blaming the victim


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Kiss of Love protest is a non-violent protest against moral policing which started in Kerala and later spread to other parts of India.[3][4][5][6][7] The movement began when a Facebook page called ‘Kiss of love’ asked the youth across Kerala to participate in a protest against moral policing on November 2, 2014, at Marine Drive, Cochin.[8][9] The movement received widespread support with more than 1,43,000 ‘Likes’ for the Facebook page.[10][11] After the initial protest in Kochi, similar protests were organised in other major cities of the country. It received opposition from various religious and political groups like Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, SDPI, Vishva Hindu Parishad, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Sena and Ernakulam wing of Kerala Students Union.[12][13][14][15] On specific occasions but not exclusively, both the Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court have made it clear that kissing in public is not an obscene act and no criminal proceedings can be initiated, for kissing in public, through landmark judgments.[16][17][18][19][20]

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India, het land van de Kamasutra, waar verkrachting wel gelegaliseerd lijkt als ware het een nationale sport. Geen land ter wereld waar vrouwenverachting zo in hoofdletters geschreven wordt en waar een vrouwenleven zo weinig telt. 

Als door een wesp gestoken reageerde eens Sandra Strieker op me, nadat ik melding had gemaakt over groepsverkrachting en hoe die door politie en justitie afgehandeld werd. Ik had de euvele moed India door het slijk te halen. Wie was ik wel? Steeds ook weer valt het me op hoe loos vrouwensolidariteit is. Zeker bij fascistisch ingestelde types. Ook die Blondemevrouw zwijgt over dergelijke zaken in alle talen, nota bene iemand die over liefde durft te reppen.

Tja, zoenen in het openbaar, liefde betuigen, wat een schande. En wat maakt die miserabele, fascistisch ingestelde Strieker ervan? Zullen we haar maar in India droppen, dan kan ze aan den lijve ervaren wat er loos is. Blaming the victim durft ze te zeggen…

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 I’ve posted several times on this matter and there is a ‘rape culture’ in India even during British rule it was present.

3 jan.

 Read the full post : 

3 jan.

 Please check out my file on the subject of centuries old sexual jihad.

3 jan.

 I agree this exists but you can not explain everything with Jihad the caste system also has a great role in the rape culture

3 jan.

 The caste system is not a class system in which higher classes abuse lower classes. The root is entirely different.

3 jan.

 When you don’t differentiate Hindu India from Muslim India you are blaming the victim. Read the file! Particularly the intro.

 This is a very complicated history of centuries. You’re dealing with that in a couple of posts! Sorry, know your business!

 If you are not prepared to study your subject matter, you’re just another mud slinger.

 India’s Rape Culture: Urban versus Rural By Ram Puniyani 17 January, 2013 Just read 

 So this Indian doesn’t know his own country? India’s Rape Culture: Urban versus Rural Ram Puniyani 

 British wanted to abolish child marriage, argument to oppose it came from  sources of Hindu religion 

 You are obviously wedded to demonizing the victim and refuse to study your subject matter, going by one person’s account.

 A person you know nothing about. Like reading the HuffPo to understand the US. Well, good luck with that.

 You can not blame Islam for everything that went wrong in India, if so then yes you are bias and not open to the truth.

 If that’s the quality of your blogs, I’m through because apparently you refuse to do your homework.

 I’m sure you blame islam for eveything that go’s wrong in the world, good luck

 No. But it’s far too easy to demonize an entire country for a deeply rooted strategy of an aggressive minority.

 TEN tweets with that slander, you must be joking!

 The caste system is not a class system in which higher classes abuse lower classes. The root is entirely different.

Sandra , haar bedrog en haar haat

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